White Label Casino Solutions

The construction of an online casino platform, player assistance, operation under our corporate structure, and Curacao licensing are all included in our White Label Casino solutions, which are a successful choice for seasoned operators.

Exclusive White-Label Online Casino Software

Focus on your areas of strength, which include casino operations and marketing. At the same time, your seasoned casino platform provider should care for licensing, payments, and integration of gaming material. The White Label casino software solution offers iGaming businesses precisely that.
Our white-label casino software includes the most well-liked games, such as blackjack, slots, craps, video poker, bingo, roulette, and keno. This white-label software for an online casino contains every feature one may anticipate from such a thing. With over 13 years of experience as a leading white-label casino supplier, we have helped numerous clients succeed and advance in their current positions. Thanks to it, you will inevitably surpass your rivals and reach the top of your industry.

White label online casino package includes:

Customized menu in various languages

Ability to use different currencies and transactions from different nations

Insurance certificates

Provides an infinite amount of games from renowned sources.

The bonus scheme

→ API Unification

→ Business intelligence reporting tools


Unique Features of our White Label Casino Solution

The following are some of the top features of white-label online casino software:


User-friendly interface

We provide the most user-friendly interface on the market. The features are intended to handle many files and provide quick and easy browsing and sorting choices.


Branding Solution

With this white-label solution, you may increase brand recognition and gain more exposure among your target market.



Our white-label gaming solutions offer multi-language options, which can significantly improve communication with a global clientele.


Payment Management

You may manage a variety of payment methods, accept or decline withdrawal requests, set the correct commission rate for deposits, and create discount codes with set prices.

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Anti-Fraud System

We create a safeguard that enables you to monitor suspicious behavior by diverse players. This technique will aid the detection of potential payment fraud and other regulatory infractions.

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Responsible Gambling

A simple solution! We offer choices for responsible and safe gambling. This will encourage each player’s gambling restrictions, fostering security and psychological health.


Bonus System

Our bonus system can provide “customized bonuses that target particular segments of players at the right time.” We use proprietary terminologies that have been created mainly to indicate advantages.


Access Rights And Role

Administrators of casinos have a special set of access rights. Before allowing any administrators access to the casino’s back office, two-factor authentication will be provided to all of them.

Our Clients


White Label Casino Advantages

Technical and commercial solutions are combined in our White Label casino. It comprises developing and fully implementing an online casino platform operated by our legitimate business and under our sublicense.


The project is ready to launch and go live.


The safest payment system


Payment options that are unique to you


Mailing system that is automated, among other things


The interface is simple to use


Solution for several platforms


Setting Multiple Languages

500+ Payment Methods



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SmartSoft Gaming Team

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InviteGaming offers other services for expanding businesses besides being a platform provider for sportsbooks. Let your brand stand out from the competition!

Frequently Asked Questions

A White Label Casino Solution works by providing entrepreneurs with a ready-to-use online casino platform. The solution typically includes a customizable website, a gaming management system, payment integration, customer support tools, and various casino games. Entrepreneurs can rebrand and customize the platform to align with their brand identity, choose games to offer, and manage operations. At the same time, the provider takes care of the underlying technology and infrastructure.

Using a White Label Casino Solution offers several advantages. It allows entrepreneurs to quickly enter the online casino market with a fully functional platform, saving development and infrastructure setup time and resources. It provides access to various games and features, including payment integration, customer support, and backend management tools. Additionally, the provider handles technical aspects such as hosting, maintenance, and security, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on marketing and growing their casino business.

Yes, a White Label Casino Solution can be customized to some extent. Entrepreneurs can often rebrand the platform with their logo, color scheme, and branding elements. They can also choose the games they want to offer from the provider’s game library. However, the level of customization may vary depending on the provider and the specific solution.

The time frame to launch a casino using a White Label Casino Solution depends on various factors, including the provider’s implementation process and the customization requirements. Generally, it can take a few weeks to set up and configure the platform, integrate payment gateways, and complete branding elements. However, this timeline can vary, and it’s advisable to consult the provider for a more accurate estimate.

White Label Casino Solutions themselves are not inherently legal or regulated. The legality and regulation of an online casino operating under a White Label Casino Solution depend on the jurisdiction in which it operates. Entrepreneurs must ensure compliance with local gambling laws and licensing requirements to operate their casino legally.

The requirement for a gambling license depends on the casino’s jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions may require entrepreneurs to obtain a gambling license to operate an online casino. In contrast, others may allow using a license held by the White Label Casino Solution provider. Entrepreneurs need to understand the legal requirements and seek proper licensing if necessary.

The revenue-sharing model employed in White Label Casino Solutions is subject to the agreement established between the entrepreneur and the provider. It typically entails the division of a portion of the casino’s revenue with the provider, who takes charge of tasks such as software licensing, hosting, and maintenance. The specific terms governing the revenue-sharing arrangement are commonly specified in the contract or agreement mutually agreed upon by the parties involved.

Additional features can often be added to a White Label Casino Solution based on the entrepreneur’s requirements and the provider’s capabilities. These features may include loyalty programs, affiliate management systems, live dealer games, or integration with third-party services.

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