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InviteGaming lets users access odds and more in real-time from over 100 popular sportsbooks worldwide. You can get this in one place.

Sportsbook and Casino API Integration

No matter your business requirements, our iGaming products and platform will help you to attain your goals. InviteGaming Application Programming Interface (API) allows users to flexibly, modularly, and seamlessly connect to systems. In addition to our award-winning Sportsbook, we offer our partners Scoreboards through API. This standalone product guarantees flexibility with all statistics and graphical animation.
InviteGaming offers a Casino Engine that integrates easily through API. Without a great casino, iGaming is incomplete. When you integrate your existing platform with our API, we will include our Virtual and Skill games, including an exciting range of Table games, Slots, and Live Casinos. After getting access to our sports betting API, you can include any sport like virtual sports, eSports, live sports, and sports events such as top championships and best leagues and matches. This is available in both pre-match and live.
With InviteGaming’s casino API, users can launch a fully-fledged platform, offering the best table game providers and slots, TV games, and live casinos.

Gaming API solution includes:

→ Integration with any third-party product and software module with an external betting API.

→ A seamless internal API integration with product components, iGaming content, and payment solutions.

→ Various selections of sports content and casino games.

→ Highly customizable front-end solution.

→ Access to numerous games, user management, sports, administration, and more, making it an all-around Sportsbet API.

→ Pinnacle Sports API updates are done regularly.

All-in-one sports betting data platform

Are slow data providers getting on your nerves? With InviteGaming, you will get the fastest data in one place with an API that is very easy to use.

Pre-match & in-play live odds.

Get alternate markets, props, and mainline in one place from more than 100 popular sportsbooks around.


InviteGaming offers a detailed list of futures from major leagues and sportsbooks.

Deep links

Get the best out of your affiliate marketing by sending users directly to the exact wager upon clicking on the right

Injury reports

InviteGaming gives detailed data on injuries in all popular leagues, including the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, and others.

Game & player results

Get exclusive real-time access to stats, player scores, and games.

Schedules & rosters

InviteGaming gets you access to roster data and schedules for all teams participating in all popular sports leagues.

Push feeds

Real-time odds and line movement updates.

Bet auto-grader

Get your bets graded in real time with our bet API endpoint.

Our Clients



InviteGaming offers an industry-acclaimed solution for online live sports API integration. With it, you can swiftly launch your project and obtain numerous games. Moreover, using this solution doesn’t need much. You are set to go with only a website and a few administrators. Other benefits include:

  • Instant selection of content items and integration
  • Affordable betting API solutions and casino games
  • Any casino API provider gets 24/7 technical support.

InviteGaming has a gaming portfolio that accommodates top-shelf iGaming brands. We can integrate top games by prominent providers like Endorphina, Relax Gaming, Evoplay, Tom Horn Gaming, Pariplay, and others with our Bitcoin casino API integrations.

The past few years have seen the live casino genre multiplying. New providers are constantly increasing due to their growing popularity. Classic games are frequently updated and refreshed to satisfy the ever-growing market. New games and options are also coming up every day. Integrating a casino module into your brands allows board game API users to capitalize on the market trend. Our solution enables you to launch the casino section in the minimum time possible.
You will also get popular casino brands like TVBet, Evolution, Vivo Gaming, Ezugi, Pragmatic Play, and HoGaming from our live casino API. Other games our clients benefit from include baccarat, monopoly, keno, roulette, blackjack, poker, and many others

Making Pre-match and live bets on multiple sports events is possible thanks to our Sportsbook API Solution. Other significant events, such as tournaments and major leagues, are some of the features offered by the bookmaker solution. With a powerful integration offered by InviteGaming sportsbook API, players can access sports such as American Football, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Darts, Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Rugby, Boxing, Futsal, and many more.
As an InviteGaming user, you can get all significant eSports leagues like League of Legends, Dota 2, CS GO, Starcraft, Rainbow Six, Overwatch, and more than 70,000 monthly sports events. Another benefit includes the integrated match tracker technology that allows one to watch live broadcasts of sports events.

Another thing about virtual sports is that they can be quite thought-provoking. Today, the hottest gambling trend remains Virtual Sports. InviteGaming allows virtual sports players to control game parameters and play whenever they want. You can play football with unusual characters or select alternative races with fantastic competitors.
Integrating virtual sports API into your brand’s Website is swift and seamless with InviteGaming. As a client, if may choose to use virtual sports providers such as Kron Interactive or GoldenRace, LEAP Gaming, or 1×2 Network. Players can also enjoy other virtual sports like Virtual Soccer, Virtual Tennis, Car Motor Racing, Motorbikes, Virtual Ping-Pong, Trotting, Horse Racing, and many others.

Why Choose API Solution

Website API is an excellent solution because it is developed for businesses of all sizes. Your brand can grow much quicker if you choose to use our gaming API. Depending on your needs and business requirements, you will get an all-inclusive suite of solutions, whether a sportsbook or a single casino.

Solution benefits:


It helps businesses to expand their brand reach and customer base.


70,000+ sports events


Guarantees fastest data


Complete coverage of alternate markets and player props


Flexible API integrable solution


Works for businesses of all scales

You will get quality performance when you choose our API gambling solution. The solution guarantees flexibility because it can easily integrate gaming content into an existing brand.


We value our partners’ opinions as much as they value our products.

SmartSoft Gaming Team

SmartSoft Gaming

Invitegaming has completely transformed my online betting experience. The platform offers an extensive selection of betting solutions. The UI is sleek and intuitive, making it easy to navigate. I particularly appreciate the seamless and secure payment options, ensuring that my transactions are always safe and convenient. Invitegaming has truly elevated sports betting solutions, and I highly recommend it to all gaming enthusiasts.

August Gaming Team

August Gaming

After using InviteGaming for a while now, I can confidently say that it's been an amazing experience. The platform is very easy to navigate and offers a diverse range of sports and betting options. The odds are competitive, and I've never had any issues with receiving my payouts. The customer support team is always available and helpful, which is a huge plus. Overall, I highly recommend InviteGaming to anyone looking for a trustworthy and fun betting platform.

Robert Lenzhofer

Hölle Games, CEO & Co-Founder

I am happy to share my experience with InviteGaming, the exceptional Sports Betting & Gambling Software Provider. Their services have truly transformed my online gambling venture and have exceeded my expectations in every way. When I approached their team, I was greeted with professionalism and a genuine desire to understand my needs. Thank you to the entire team for your outstanding work and commitment to excellence. You have truly helped me take my business to new heights.

Johan Ohman

Slotmill, Founder

If you're serious about sports betting, InviteGaming is the one  you should definitely check out. It offers a variety of trading styles for both exchanges and provides API software that can make your life much easier. With its user-friendly interface and helpful features, InviteGaming is a valuable tool for anyone looking to succeed in sports trading.

Ramiro Atucha

Vibra Gaming, CEO

After 6 years of working together, we can confidently say that InviteGaming is a dependable partner. Their ability to quickly provide effective solutions has been invaluable to our business. Throughout our partnership, InviteGaming has consistently demonstrated their professionalism and ability to build strong relationships. We are grateful to work with such a forward-thinking and skilled team.

Milda Mikelioniene

Superlotto Games, CCO

InviteGaming's betting platform has revolutionized my online betting experience. The variety of sports and betting markets available is impressive, ensuring there's always something for every sports fan. The platform is user-friendly, making browsing the options easy and placing bets quickly. The odds offered are competitive, giving me a fair chance to maximize my winnings. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and thrilling betting experience.

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Besides offering a sportsbook platform, InviteGaming also helps other businesses to thrive and become major brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Sports Betting API provides developers a standardized way to retrieve and interact with sports betting data. It typically involves making API requests to the provider’s server, which returns data in a structured format (such as JSON or XML). Developers can then utilize this data to build custom sports betting applications, develop betting strategies, or display up-to-date odds on their platforms.

Using a Sports Betting API offers several advantages. It allows developers to access and leverage real-time sports betting data without building and maintaining their own data sources. It provides accurate and up-to-date odds, scores, and statistics, enabling the development of innovative betting applications or enhancing existing platforms with comprehensive sports betting functionality.

A Sports Betting API can provide a wide range of data related to sports betting. This includes live and pre-match odds, scores, team/player statistics, event schedules, betting markets, bet settlement information, and more. The specific data available may vary depending on the provider and the sportsbooks they collaborate with.

A Sports Betting API can provide data for both pre-match and live betting scenarios. It offers access to pre-match odds, information about upcoming events, live odds, and in-play betting markets. Developers can use this data to create applications supporting various betting experiences.

Yes, there are legal considerations when using a Sports Betting API, particularly regarding compliance with local gambling regulations and licensing requirements. Developers should ensure they have the necessary permissions and adhere to the API provider’s and relevant authorities’ terms and conditions in their target market.

The reliability of the data provided by a Sports Betting API depends on the quality and reputation of the API provider. Choosing a trusted and reputable provider that sources data from reliable sportsbooks and data providers is essential. Additionally, API providers may offer service level agreements (SLAs) or data accuracy guarantees, which can further ensure the reliability of the data.

A well-designed Sports Betting API is built to handle high traffic and real-time updates. API providers typically employ scalable infrastructure and efficient data delivery mechanisms to accommodate many requests and provide timely updates. This ensures developers can rely on the API to deliver accurate and up-to-date data even during peak usage.

Yes, many Sports Betting API providers offer technical support to assist developers with integrating their API into their applications or websites. This support may include documentation, sample code, developer forums, and direct assistance from the provider’s support team. This ensures developers can effectively utilize the API and resolve any technical issues.

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