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In the vibrant and rapidly growing world of esports, standing out requires innovation, user-friendly interfaces, and secure operations. At InviteGaming, your trusted esports betting software provider, we seamlessly merge these elements, offering a comprehensive solution that accelerates your esports betting platform’s growth.

About Our Esports Betting Software

InviteGaming’s esports betting platform is the perfect combination of technology, expertise, and passion for the esports world. Our software blends streamlined functionality, real-time statistics, and robust security measures to elevate your platform’s user experience. Our team works relentlessly to integrate unique features and innovative technology into our software.

Key aspects of our software include:

→ Simplified Betting Process

→ Secure Payment Gateways

→ Real-Time Statistics

→ Advanced Risk Management Tools

Our Esports Betting Software Services


Software Development

We create state-of-the-art esports betting software that’s reliable and robust, capable of handling heavy traffic and ensuring smooth performance. We focus on the platform’s functionality and enhancing the user interface to offer your customers an intuitive and seamless betting experience.

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Software Integration

We specialize in integrating our esports betting software seamlessly with your existing platform. With InviteGaming, the transition is smooth and hassle-free, providing your users with an uninterrupted, streamlined experience.



At InviteGaming, we believe in tailoring solutions to meet our client’s unique needs. Our team customizes our esports betting software to align with your brand, business goals, and customer preferences. We design our software to reflect your brand’s ethos and vision, whether it’s the overall design, specific functionalities, or unique features.


Maintenance and Support

We stand by our clients with 24/7 support, ensuring your esports betting platform operates optimally at all times. From troubleshooting to regular software updates and preventive maintenance, our team is committed to running your platform flawlessly.

Our Clients


Why Choose InviteGaming For Your Esports Betting Software Needs

InviteGaming isn’t just another esports betting software provider; we’re your strategic partner in the booming esports betting industry. With our deep understanding of the esports and betting landscape and our commitment to technological innovation, we provide software solutions that resonate with your audience and differentiate you from the competition.

Choosing us as your esports betting platform partner brings numerous benefits:


In-Depth Industry Knowledge

Our team brings years of experience and deep insights into the esports and betting industry. This knowledge enables us to craft esports betting software that aligns with market trends and meets your unique business needs.


Experienced Team

Our team has highly skilled professionals who have the knowledge and skills required to provide exceptional esports betting software. We place great emphasis on quality and innovation, guaranteeing that our software solutions are of the highest standard.


Innovation at Heart

At InviteGaming, we prioritize innovation. We continually update our software solutions to incorporate the latest technology trends, helping you stay one step ahead of the competition in the rapidly evolving esports betting market.


We value our partners’ opinions as much as they value our products.

SmartSoft Gaming Team

SmartSoft Gaming

Invitegaming has completely transformed my online betting experience. The platform offers an extensive selection of betting solutions. The UI is sleek and intuitive, making it easy to navigate. I particularly appreciate the seamless and secure payment options, ensuring that my transactions are always safe and convenient. Invitegaming has truly elevated sports betting solutions, and I highly recommend it to all gaming enthusiasts.

August Gaming Team

August Gaming

After using InviteGaming for a while now, I can confidently say that it's been an amazing experience. The platform is very easy to navigate and offers a diverse range of sports and betting options. The odds are competitive, and I've never had any issues with receiving my payouts. The customer support team is always available and helpful, which is a huge plus. Overall, I highly recommend InviteGaming to anyone looking for a trustworthy and fun betting platform.

Robert Lenzhofer

Hölle Games, CEO & Co-Founder

I am happy to share my experience with InviteGaming, the exceptional Sports Betting & Gambling Software Provider. Their services have truly transformed my online gambling venture and have exceeded my expectations in every way. When I approached their team, I was greeted with professionalism and a genuine desire to understand my needs. Thank you to the entire team for your outstanding work and commitment to excellence. You have truly helped me take my business to new heights.

Johan Ohman

Slotmill, Founder

If you're serious about sports betting, InviteGaming is the one  you should definitely check out. It offers a variety of trading styles for both exchanges and provides API software that can make your life much easier. With its user-friendly interface and helpful features, InviteGaming is a valuable tool for anyone looking to succeed in sports trading.

Ramiro Atucha

Vibra Gaming, CEO

After 6 years of working together, we can confidently say that InviteGaming is a dependable partner. Their ability to quickly provide effective solutions has been invaluable to our business. Throughout our partnership, InviteGaming has consistently demonstrated their professionalism and ability to build strong relationships. We are grateful to work with such a forward-thinking and skilled team.

Milda Mikelioniene

Superlotto Games, CCO

InviteGaming's betting platform has revolutionized my online betting experience. The variety of sports and betting markets available is impressive, ensuring there's always something for every sports fan. The platform is user-friendly, making browsing the options easy and placing bets quickly. The odds offered are competitive, giving me a fair chance to maximize my winnings. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and thrilling betting experience.

Other Products & Services

InviteGaming offers different alternatives for expanding businesses in addition to betting platforms. Make it possible for your brand to stand out from the crowd!

Frequently Asked Questions

Esports betting software seamlessly combines with esports data providers, presenting an extensive selection of betting markets and odds to users. Users can browse available matches, select their preferred bets, place wagers, and monitor the progress of their bets through the platform.

Esports betting software provides convenient access to various events and markets, allowing users to bet on their favorite games from anywhere. It offers real-time updates, competitive odds, secure transactions, and enhanced betting experiences.

Reputable esports betting software is designed to handle high traffic volumes and concurrent users. It employs scalable infrastructure, cloud-based solutions, and load balancing techniques to ensure smooth operations during peak periods.

Esports betting software prioritizes security by implementing robust measures such as SSL encryption, firewall protection, secure payment gateways, and strict user authentication protocols. It aims to safeguard user information, funds, and transactions.

The coverage of esports titles and events varies depending on the software provider. It may include popular games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Overwatch, and other major tournaments and leagues.

Esports betting software can often be customized to match operators’ branding and specific requirements. Customization options may include platform design, user interface, available betting markets, and integration with other systems.

Esports betting software providers typically offer technical support and customer service to address platform-related issues or inquiries. Look for providers that provide timely assistance and multiple channels of communication.

The legality of esports betting varies by jurisdiction. It is essential to research and comply with the relevant laws and regulations in your target market. It is crucial to seek guidance from legal professionals to ensure adherence to gambling and esports betting laws and regulations.

Esports betting software can often be integrated with other platforms, such as payment gateways, data providers, and affiliate systems. This integration allows for streamlined operations, secure transactions, and enhanced user experiences.

Elevate Your Esports Betting Platform with InviteGaming

Ready to take your esports betting platform to the next level? Embrace the future of betting with InviteGaming’s superior esports betting software. Let’s chart your journey to the top of the esports betting industry together!