Sportsbook & online casino Turnkey InviteGaming solution is a professional software that allows you to launch your platform quickly from scratch!

Exclusive Turnkey Online Casino & Sportsbook Software

InviteGaming’s Turnkey solution is built to integrate seamlessly with various modules, including sports betting and casino. It utilizes a single API coupled with powerful marketing and administrative tools. Starting an iGaming project from scratch has never been this fast and easy, thanks to our Turnkey betting provider, which offers an efficient and practical way to do it. With Turnkey casino software, you will get Live casino, online slots, TV games, table games, and more. It also offers sportsbook solutions such as virtual sports, eSports, and Live and pre-match betting options. Other offers include primary leagues and popular sports. This software also has an internet payment system that supports over 180 global currencies. You can use our advanced Affiliate and agent module to promote your brand.

The Turnkey solution includes:

→ Website templates that are ready to use

→ A turnkey online casino and turnkey sportsbook back office that is easy to use

→ Advanced Agent systems and Affiliate with analytical reports and various functionality

→ Supports various payment options

→ Advanced Affiliate and Agent systems with vast functionality and analytical reports.

→ Offers a responsive design

→ In-house betting odds

→ A few day’s turnarounds for your betting website and Turnkey casino

→ 24/7 sportsbook support

→ A flexible system that offers multi-purpose bonus


→ Website templates provided

→ Powerful analytical tools

→ Legal consulting

→ All-in-One platform

→ Responsive design

→ Monthly content updates

→ Flexible bonus system

→ 180+ currencies


Are you interested in starting an online casino or a betting website that offers numerous games and serves various audiences at an affordable price? You can achieve this with a ready-made platform designed for a gambling business. Small businesses need this product to scale up quickly, and thriving ones should have it if they want to reach new markets.
It just takes 48 hours to get your website up and running, all thanks to an impressive stock of templates.
InviteGaming, a turnkey betting provider, offers multiple payment channels, localization, and other requested features on demand.

What makes InviteGaming’s turnkey gambling solution great is that it has all the vital elements necessary to make your project thrive in all aspects, including management, promotion, and overall operation. We not only cater to all internal modules but also the front end that’s vital for a functional casino. We offer the best iGaming solutions for those looking for a turnkey casino website.
We will set up a casino with games, including Bingo, Slots, video poker, and Keno scratch cards. You will also get various table games, including Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and many more. You will also get access to over 110 providers offering more than 11,000 games.
One of the iGaming trends that has rocked this year is virtual sport. People also love live casino titles, and it’s becoming their favorite pastime game. Turnkey has integrated some of these games into the casino solution. Your audience will love what you are offering.

What makes InviteGaming a turnkey betting provider is the fact that it is designed to enrich the possible functionality of users. This is made possible by its simplicity when it comes to control. The solution offers numerous tournaments, leagues, and sports events. It allows bettors to bet on their favorite sports, such as soccer, by placing multiple bets on live or pre-match. Other sports include American Football, Tennis, AFL, Baseball, Boxing, Basketball, Cricket, Darts, Table Tennis, Handball, Hockey, Futsal, Rugby, Volleyball, and many more.

Affiliate System – A successful operation will only happen if you have a refined affiliate system. One awesome thing about our turnkey betting provider is that it offers an affiliate tool for tracking and analyzing performance. The system also creates and controls roles and users. Marketing will improve tremendously thanks to our CPL, CPA, and hybrid media buying models.

Agent System – Our Agent system module allows our clients to expand their reach and partner network. With this system, a client can create and control multi-level hierarchies. This includes agents, sub-agent, and customers.


By choosing our turnkey gambling solution, you will benefit from three integral parts: the admin section, the website, and the content. In short, InviteGaming is a “one-stop shop” with a turnkey casino and sports betting platform. This gives the operator full brand content and casino control. The software also offers a wide variety of sportsbook events and casino games.

InviteGaming Turnkey offers include:

casino games
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 live sport translations
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 InviteGaming odd types
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 daily virtual sports events
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monthly sports events
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500+ Payment Methods



We value our partners’ opinions as much as they value our products.

SmartSoft Gaming Team

SmartSoft Gaming

Invitegaming has completely transformed my online betting experience. The platform offers an extensive selection of betting solutions. The UI is sleek and intuitive, making it easy to navigate. I particularly appreciate the seamless and secure payment options, ensuring that my transactions are always safe and convenient. Invitegaming has truly elevated sports betting solutions, and I highly recommend it to all gaming enthusiasts.

August Gaming Team

August Gaming

After using InviteGaming for a while now, I can confidently say that it's been an amazing experience. The platform is very easy to navigate and offers a diverse range of sports and betting options. The odds are competitive, and I've never had any issues with receiving my payouts. The customer support team is always available and helpful, which is a huge plus. Overall, I highly recommend InviteGaming to anyone looking for a trustworthy and fun betting platform.

Robert Lenzhofer

Hölle Games, CEO & Co-Founder

I am happy to share my experience with InviteGaming, the exceptional Sports Betting & Gambling Software Provider. Their services have truly transformed my online gambling venture and have exceeded my expectations in every way. When I approached their team, I was greeted with professionalism and a genuine desire to understand my needs. Thank you to the entire team for your outstanding work and commitment to excellence. You have truly helped me take my business to new heights.

Johan Ohman

Slotmill, Founder

If you're serious about sports betting, InviteGaming is the one  you should definitely check out. It offers a variety of trading styles for both exchanges and provides API software that can make your life much easier. With its user-friendly interface and helpful features, InviteGaming is a valuable tool for anyone looking to succeed in sports trading.

Ramiro Atucha

Vibra Gaming, CEO

After 6 years of working together, we can confidently say that InviteGaming is a dependable partner. Their ability to quickly provide effective solutions has been invaluable to our business. Throughout our partnership, InviteGaming has consistently demonstrated their professionalism and ability to build strong relationships. We are grateful to work with such a forward-thinking and skilled team.

Milda Mikelioniene

Superlotto Games, CCO

InviteGaming's betting platform has revolutionized my online betting experience. The variety of sports and betting markets available is impressive, ensuring there's always something for every sports fan. The platform is user-friendly, making browsing the options easy and placing bets quickly. The odds offered are competitive, giving me a fair chance to maximize my winnings. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and thrilling betting experience.

Other Products & Services

Besides operating as a sportsbook and casino platform, InviteGaming offers thriving businesses unique iGaming products. Let your brand stand out from your competitors!

Frequently Asked Questions

A Turnkey Solution typically includes all the necessary components, resources, and expertise to fulfill a specific objective or project. This includes hardware, software, pre-configured systems, installation, training, documentation, support, and ongoing maintenance.

Using a Turnkey Solution offers several advantages. Utilizing a Turnkey Solution brings numerous benefits. Primarily, it reduces time and effort by eliminating the requirement for extensive research, planning, and customization. It offers a streamlined and efficient solution that can be swiftly implemented. Moreover, it mitigates risks and uncertainties since Turnkey Solutions are usually thoroughly tested and proven effective.

Turnkey Solutions are commonly used across various industries, including technology, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and hospitality. They are particularly beneficial for complex projects where an all-in-one solution can simplify the implementation process and reduce the time-to-market.

Yes, while a Turnkey Solution is typically designed to be ready for immediate use, it can also be customized. The ability to customize certain elements or features of a Turnkey Solution allows for a better alignment with clients’ unique requirements. Depending on the provider and specific needs, this customization ensures a tailored solution that fits the intended purpose more effectively.

Examples of Turnkey Solutions include pre-built website templates with content management systems, fully equipped modular office spaces, software packages with pre-configured settings and workflows, and complete home automation systems. These solutions are designed to be easily deployed and put into operation without extensive customization.

A Turnkey Solution differs from a custom-built solution in that it is pre-designed and pre-packaged, ready for immediate use. It is a more standardized approach, whereas a custom-built solution is tailored specifically to the unique requirements and preferences of a particular client or project. Turnkey Solutions are typically more cost-effective and offer faster implementation times, while custom-built solutions provide greater flexibility and specificity.

When selecting a Turnkey Solution, evaluating your specific requirements, budget, timeline, and the provider’s reputation is important. Conducting thorough research, comparing available options, and considering customer reviews or testimonials can help you make an informed decision. Additionally, discussing with the provider and clarifying any questions or concerns can ensure the chosen solution aligns well with your needs.

Yes, many Turnkey Solutions are designed to be scalable, allowing them to adapt and expand as your needs evolve. Providers may offer different tiers or additional modules that can be incorporated into the existing solution to accommodate growth and changing requirements.

Yes, technical support and training are often included with a Turnkey Solution. Providers typically offer support services to address any issues or questions that may arise during the implementation and usage of the solution. Training programs or resources may also be provided to ensure users have the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively utilize the solution.

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