You can achieve your goals by having the right approach and knowledge. An online gambling business, if done right, can be pretty profitable. You can only succeed in an online gambling business if you take your time to comprehend the ropes of the industry, which also applies to any other company.

Before starting any online casino or business, you must plan and research carefully. The foremost task is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry and conduct thorough market research.This is necessary for coming up with a well-thought-out business strategy. The plan should put all critical factors into consideration. These factors include the choice of software, competitors, the markets of operation, marketing tactics, team, local demand, and estimated expenses. 

Where to run the online gambling business lies squarely with the owner. Consider compliance requirements and local regulations in different jurisdictions when targeting a certain market. This helps prevent costly legal issues and allows operators operate within legal boundaries. 

There are numerous online guides readily available to aid you in attracting and retaining more players for your online casino. Affiliate marketing is among the best tactics for marketing your online casino or gambling business. This tactic allows you to attract players and target your audience by partnering with trusted networks. Our team of experienced managers considers your goals and budget to assist you in selecting an appropriate affiliate program. We also provide loyalty programs and bonuses to maintain player engagement and foster their enthusiasm. We recommend consulting our comprehensive guide for detailed insights on acquiring and retaining players.

One way to ensure that your users or players return for more is by caring for them. You can offer them regular bonuses, promos, attentive customer support, new games, and fast payouts. 

Casino Software

Our InviteGaming Online Gaming Solution offers several offers, including software development, account management, server space and hosting, payment systems and game content integration, and 24/7 B2B support.

Our platform encompasses the following features that you can expect: Casino Builder for creating an interface in 3 clicks, fast game integration from a unified API, BI reporting tools for GGR project analytics, a Bonus module that allows gamified building promotions, daily or monthly active players, several unique users, and many more. It is possible to integrate third-party software, and we update game portfolios and software regularly. 

Our Turnkey casino solution is a development service in our online casino platform. It comprises a technical solution, account management, and B2B support. All an operator needs to do is manage the project by obtaining a license. 

The White Label package refers to an online casino business solution. Just like the Turnkey solution, we develop an online casino platform; help operators obtain a Curacao sublicense, allow operators to manage their online gambling businesses under our legal entity, and give them an option for B2C player support. To get InviteGaming’s White Label solution, an operator must have proof of experience in the iGaming industry. 

Of course, yes. You only need to contact our managers for game and casino backend demonstrations to get a demo.

Developing and deploying an online casino takes about 2 to 3 months. The number of adjustments required in the development process and the client’s technical specifications usually dictate the amount of time it takes to launch an online casino platform.

We can create a customized casino website that aligns with your preferences and specifications if desired. We also allow clients to provide their designs as long as it follows our technical requirements.

InviteGaming offers its online casino platform globally. Therefore, we support the most popular region-specific payment gateways. The platform offers support for various payment methods, including bank transfers, card payments, deposits from self-service terminals, blockchain transactions, e-wallets, prepaid cards, SMS deposits, and mobile payments. In over 100 countries, payment processing for cryptocurrencies and fiat are available. It can still be integrated as third-party software when we don’t support a particular payment method.

Sure. InviteGaming casino software allows its clients to request third-party software integrations. You can ask to integrate with CRM, live chat, and other extensions and features. However, a client needs to state this in the technical specification as a requirement. 

InviteGaming only provides technical solutions. However, the client must comply with the agreement with formal non-disclosure obligations.

The required workload and the client’s technical needs usually determine the cost of the online casino platform. The development cost is generally set after the client completes the specialized specification form.

Game Content

Different markets have different popularity regarding game types and game providers. Examples of game types include card games, slots, or live dealer games. Our sales manager will give you advice on the best possible game vendors. 

Yes. We only deal with certified game developers. Besides the software undergoing several tests in specialized laboratories, it is also licensed in several jurisdictions. This ensures that all our clients get reliable gambling products and the uncompromised integrity of the game studio.

You will get a royalty fee when you run your business with InviteGaming’s software. The software will generate revenue, and a percentage of it be deducted as charges for using our software. The terms of revenue share vary from provider to provider. Feel free to request additional information and a commercial offer from our managers. They will be happy to assist you.

InviteGaming is an intermediary provider that offers various benefits compared to working directly with game developers. Some of the benefits include:

  • Clients only need to sign ONE contract with InviteGaming and deal with several vendors. 
  • With our unified API, we aggregate game content from various vendors. It saves time and resources since you will only need a single integration.
  • InviteGaming helps to make the compliance process a breeze by negotiating due diligence requirements on behalf of the client. 
  • The client only needs to pay revenue share; therefore, a minimum monthly charge for game content is not applicable. 
  • We keep developing our API and adding new game providers to our portfolio monthly.


For a consultation, simply reach out to our sales managers. You can easily do so through our live chat or via Skype. Also, you have the option to submit a request through the form on our website or send us an email at hello@invitegaming.com.

We don’t charge our clients any consultation fee. Our sales representatives are dedicated to indiscriminately serving all clients by introducing them to our gambling business solutions.

This is the workflow when you choose to work with us:

  • Consultations and discussing business goals.
  • Signing an NDA.
  • Determining the technical specifications of the project, costs, and delivery time.
  • Signing a contract.
  • Developing and testing the software.
  • Integrating games and payment systems.
  • Project delivery and launch.
  • Account management and ongoing technical support.

Upon finishing launching the project, clients are assigned personal account managers who will:

  • Address any inquiries related to the setup and maintenance of the project 
  • Offer assistance during software updates and marketing
  • Inform the client of any promotions and new game releases from providers
  • Analyze and elaborate on the performance of your casino

If any difficulties occur when running your online gambling business, a technical support team is available round the clock to solve them. 


A gambling license is issued to clients to ensure they run their online gambling businesses legally. You will need this document to establish your business. Additionally, it enables you to establish a bank account, carry out operational activities, and serves as a token of credibility to B2B software suppliers and players for your venture. A gambling license makes operating a casino seamless, primarily since it works in regulated markets. It protects the holder from unnecessary legal tassels.

The target market dictates the kind of gambling license you need to obtain. To access comprehensive information, we recommend referring to our guide on selecting a licensing jurisdiction for more in-depth insights.

Your choice of jurisdiction will dictate the hardship faced when trying to obtain a gambling license. Some regions are easy to get, while others are pretty hard. 

Invite Gaming offers a full suite of gambling license acquisition services in various jurisdictions. All our clients can access complete solutions, including business finance, structure, and compliance guidance.

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